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Ruten Rapid Hemostatic Dressing 100g 2nd Generation
  • Rusun
  • China
  • 15 days
  • 1000 pcs / M

The 1st Rapid Hemostatic Dressing, This product can quickly stop the gushing artery bleeding within 30 seconds.

Ruten Rapid Hemostatic Dressing 100g 2nd Generation

Rusun Rapid Hemostatic Dressing(图1)


The rapid hemostatic dressing is researched and developed by Field Blood Transfusion Institute of Military Academy of Medicine, PLA (institute 9).

l  It is the sole hemostasis product in the arterial hemostatic field.

l  It obtained two domestic patents of invention and won the entire Army Science and Technology Second prize and Silver medal at the 8th International Invention Exhibition. At the same time, it has been included in the catalogs of the reserve of battle training hygiene and logistic, medical materials, and sanctuary of strategic articles.

l  It had been listed as the sole resource of military artery hemostatic procurement.

l  It successfully became the single hemostatic product configured by the Police Equipment Procurement Center of the Ministry of Public Security (Shanghai 021 Office) and Beijing Municipal First Aid Center.


The rapid hemostatic dressing is the disposable artery hemostatic product of granular molecular sieved into non-woven bags. This product can quickly stop the gushing artery bleeding within 30 seconds. This product is packed with the special non-woven package, applicable for different depths, lengths and shapes of bleeding wounds, highly relevant to all kinds of trauma and sword penetrating injuries, self-rescue for individual police, individual soldier and various industries, as well as others rescue, thereby it could save damages and death caused by trauma.


100g/bag,  50g/bag,  20g/bag

1.Are you a manufacturer?
We have our own factory to produce this product.

2.Can we get samples?
Yes, you can. the cost of sample and freight of express is on buys' account , we will return the cost after you placing order

3.Can we print my own logo?
Yes, you can. We can make printing design according to your requirements, also we could offer various printing ways: screen printing, hot stamping, frost, etc. and...

4.Do you have a certificate?
- ISO 13485-2003 - CE - FDA - BSCI - DIN13164-2014 & DIN13167-2014

5.What's your delivery time?
Usually we produce within 7 days after receiving the payment.

6.Shipping Methods?
By express/By air/By sea.

7.What payment method?
We accept T/T, L/C for big amounts, and for small amounts, you can pay us by Paypal, Western Union, Moneygram, Escrow and etc.

8.How about the MOQ?
For RusunSafety standard set , the MOQ is 500 Sets

9.Can it be customized?
Yes, we do OEM and ODM.

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