Animal/Pet First Aid Kits

Ruten Medical's pet first aid kits are customized for the animal/pets. A Pet emergency kit is a reliever when your dog, horse, cat suffers an illness, injury, or poisoning, knowing what first aid to do (and not do) can have a big impact on their recovery, safety, and comfort. People love dogs, they are loyal to their owners. dogs are curious and adventurous. These are their best qualities, right up until the moment when they meet the danger. Make sure you’re ready to deal with everything from lacerations to choking to poisoning, with our first aid kit for dogs with a dog first aid guide. Dog first aid kit is the favorite for every dog owner. It is not only stylish, compact but also is essential for danger and illness. We have the dog emergency kit for your lovely dogs, farm animal first aid kits to treat your farm animals. And even prepared a horse first aide kit portable type.

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